Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY Wedding Favor Tag Templates - MS Word Format

These favor tag templates are so sweet! How great would it be to bake some of grandma famous cookies and then share them with your wedding guest? 

DIY wedding favor tag template
We went to our local craft store and picked up clear bags, they are very inexpensive so it's great for the wedding budget! Next we added our text and printed the template.  We used heavy card stock paper and then cut them out!  

This is a very quick and simple DIY wedding project that anyone can do!  

Click here to download our wedding favor tag templates

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Free Wedding Place Card Template Word (MS Word Wedding Template)

How sweet are these place cards?
Not only are they cute... they are so easy to create! 

MS Word wedding place card template

The total cost to create 100 place cards is approximately :  .27 cents each!

This is what you will need:
34 sheets of 80lb linen card stock paper  ( $21.30)
4 sheets of scrapbooking pattern paper ( $6.00 )
1 wedding place card template ( FREE for a limited time)

Here is how we created them;

- We used our Rebecca wedding place card template ( Which is FREE right now ) Download this wedding template here
- Stopped in to our local craft store and purchased a patterned scrapbooking paper.  There is a huge selection of papers, so we are sure you will find the perfect one !

-We then entered the names we wanted into the template and printed them on 80lb linen cardstock
-Cut the template out using the cut lines on the place card template
- Fold in half

Now off to the patterned paper... we cut strips of approx. 1/2 inch using a paper cutter
Used a glue stick to apply glue to the back side of the strip.
Wrapped it around the top of the place card... and that is it :)

Around here we love DIY wedding projects that are easy and look great, and this is one of them!

This wedding template is currently offered in honeysuckle pink, if you would like a different color... no worries we would be happy to change the colors for you.  Use the link below for more information about this template.
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Table Number Templates (Microsoft Word Template)

Introducing our newest table number template design.  Simple to customize the wording, font and font color.  One of our brides decided instead of giving each table a number, she named each table by a love song.  How loving is that!  This table number template is in Microsoft Word, so it's very easy to create your own one of a kind masterpiece.

Table Number Template Emma Collection

Check out our complete Emma collection, matching RSVP, Invitations and Wedding Programs.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

FREE Table Number Template - MS Word Wedding Templates

Here is a quick and easy DIY wedding project.  Table numbers are a must have if you've decided to use place cards for your wedding reception. We printed ours out on card stock and then put a pretty honeysuckle color backer just to give it a bit more color.

DIY Bride - Table Number Template

You can create your own work of art, below are just a few ideas when working with our table number template:

- If pink honeysuckle is not your wedding color try printing it in black and white and use a color card stock that matches your theme.

-Or you could cut around the scallop edges once you have printed them out and add to your floral arrangements.

-If you are looking for a two sided table number you could always tape the top sides together and fold over to make a tent style table number.  Our suggestion if you decide to tent your wedding table numbers to place the tape on the back side, that way no one will see what is holding them together :)

- Since this is a Microsoft Word template you could add a small saying at the bottom of each table number... hummm maybe a little trivia about how you met ... your first date... or just say thanks for sharing our special day from the  Mr. & Mrs.

(FYI: Our next template will be place cards to match this table number design , just in case you were looking for a matching designs)

This template is in MS Word format so it is easy to change the wording, font and font color.
Click here to download this FREE template  Use coupon code:  FREE  (Please note this template will only be available for Free download for a limited time)


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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Word Wedding Template - Layered Wedding Invitation

Okay, we have had a lot of requests for a DIY layered wedding invitation template so here you go:)
This is a super easy project not to mention a lot of fun!  This wedding invitation template allows you to add your own wording, fonts, font colors and even images!  We used three different font styles and two different colors just to add interest.  We then added a heart JPEG to the top, everyone here thinks it is just adorable.

If you would like to download a free sample of this templates visit our website.

You will have to add a backer to this layered wedding invitation, the size you will need is 5x7.  We carry the backers on our website if you have a hard time finding them. Click here to see our selection

We hope you like this layout,  Post a comment if you have wedding projects you are working on... we might just be able to help:)
easy projects for the DIY bride

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Free Candy Buffet Label Template (MS Word Wedding Template)

How cute are these?  We received a request to create a template design for a wedding candy buffet ... so here you go:)

This is a MS Word wedding template, and the best part is ... it's FREE for a limited time!  You can customize these to incorporate your wedding colors. Select the font, wording and font color you would like for your tags, print & trim.

Now off to the backers... Print out the template and cut them out - these will be used as a stencil for the backers.  Select the backer (cardstock) color you would like and use your stencil to trace the shape now just trim.

When you are done you will have an oh so sweet layered candy buffet label or tag. All that is left to do is place them on your candy buffet containers so your guest will know what kind of candy in available.   Enjoy:)

Free MS Word wedding candy buffet label template

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Super Easy Wedding Invitation Templates

Okay so we have all heard the phase "It's so easy"...  There are so many wedding stationery companies out there it is difficult to decide on which one is the right fit for you.  There are different degrees in easy and some can just stress you out!  We have broke down several different options for you to take a look at.

Craft Store Invitations Kits: These can be a pretty good option if you are considering printing your own wedding invitations.  But there are a few things you should keep in mind.  The kits usually come in quantities of 30 or 50 per box, this is not a problem if you are going to invite an even number of guests, but it can be money tossed away if your guest list is for 110 and you have to purchase 150 boxed invites.

To test this type of invites we purchased some at a local craft store just to see how easy ( or hard ) they were to produce.  Some of the brands weren't too bad, it did take a bit to have them print correctly but in the end we did okay. Other brands of boxed wedding invitations were just impossible to get them printed correctly, so we gave up... We took them back to the store to see if we could get a refund... nope we couldn't because the box was open... but at least we tried:)

Subscription Based Templates:  These are a wonderful way to produce your wedding stationery.  But you will have the monthly charge on your credit card, and when all is said and done it might of been less expensive just to have them professionally printed.

One time charge templates: In our opinion , these are the best deal out there!  Just one low price and you can print as many wedding invitations you would like.  Many offer matching RSVP's, place cards, table numbers and wedding programs.

Ivy Belle Weddings has created a line of super simple wedding invitation templates that are miles ahead of what is currently out there.   instant download... no waiting!  Which everyone loves the no waiting part :)

Just customize your invite, print it on your home computer and cut on the lines.  The paper size is standard 8.5 x 11 , once you have printed and cut the MS Word wedding template, you will have a beautiful wedding invitation that is printed to the edge.  Oh and I forgot the best part... our templates are only $5.00.

Below is a sample of our Lillian Wedding Invitation Template, it truly is a super simple template!  Check out all of our collections!

Super Simple Wedding Templates

Please leave us a comment if you have any questions, we would be happy to help!