Saturday, January 29, 2011

Free Candy Buffet Label Template (MS Word Wedding Template)

How cute are these?  We received a request to create a template design for a wedding candy buffet ... so here you go:)

This is a MS Word wedding template, and the best part is ... it's FREE for a limited time!  You can customize these to incorporate your wedding colors. Select the font, wording and font color you would like for your tags, print & trim.

Now off to the backers... Print out the template and cut them out - these will be used as a stencil for the backers.  Select the backer (cardstock) color you would like and use your stencil to trace the shape now just trim.

When you are done you will have an oh so sweet layered candy buffet label or tag. All that is left to do is place them on your candy buffet containers so your guest will know what kind of candy in available.   Enjoy:)

Free MS Word wedding candy buffet label template

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Super Easy Wedding Invitation Templates

Okay so we have all heard the phase "It's so easy"...  There are so many wedding stationery companies out there it is difficult to decide on which one is the right fit for you.  There are different degrees in easy and some can just stress you out!  We have broke down several different options for you to take a look at.

Craft Store Invitations Kits: These can be a pretty good option if you are considering printing your own wedding invitations.  But there are a few things you should keep in mind.  The kits usually come in quantities of 30 or 50 per box, this is not a problem if you are going to invite an even number of guests, but it can be money tossed away if your guest list is for 110 and you have to purchase 150 boxed invites.

To test this type of invites we purchased some at a local craft store just to see how easy ( or hard ) they were to produce.  Some of the brands weren't too bad, it did take a bit to have them print correctly but in the end we did okay. Other brands of boxed wedding invitations were just impossible to get them printed correctly, so we gave up... We took them back to the store to see if we could get a refund... nope we couldn't because the box was open... but at least we tried:)

Subscription Based Templates:  These are a wonderful way to produce your wedding stationery.  But you will have the monthly charge on your credit card, and when all is said and done it might of been less expensive just to have them professionally printed.

One time charge templates: In our opinion , these are the best deal out there!  Just one low price and you can print as many wedding invitations you would like.  Many offer matching RSVP's, place cards, table numbers and wedding programs.

Ivy Belle Weddings has created a line of super simple wedding invitation templates that are miles ahead of what is currently out there.   instant download... no waiting!  Which everyone loves the no waiting part :)

Just customize your invite, print it on your home computer and cut on the lines.  The paper size is standard 8.5 x 11 , once you have printed and cut the MS Word wedding template, you will have a beautiful wedding invitation that is printed to the edge.  Oh and I forgot the best part... our templates are only $5.00.

Below is a sample of our Lillian Wedding Invitation Template, it truly is a super simple template!  Check out all of our collections!

Super Simple Wedding Templates

Please leave us a comment if you have any questions, we would be happy to help!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 Color of the year

Honeysuckle has the honor of being the color of 2011.  The best way to describe this color would be reddish pink with a hint of orange.   Sure to lift your spirits!!  You will be seeing this color in both fashion and style!

How fun would it be to use this color for your wedding!  The wedding  invitations would be fabulous!  You could use as much or as little of this color and set the look for your wedding!  Just by adding a ribbon on a neutral pocket wedding invitations would be uplifting for your guests! If you are on a budget, wedding invitation templates offer a array of different color combinations this would be a great place to start.

This color can be paired with many different color combinations such as turquoise, yellow for a modern look. Spring green would also be a great color to match with the color honeysuckle.

For a more neutral look, you could always pair the color of honeysuckle with taupe or brown.  Please keep in mind, you would want to be careful in pairing with black.

Mixing all shades of pinks is also beautiful!!  It all depends on the total look you would like for your big day!
Happy designing!! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

"How To" create a pocket wedding invitation

Pocket wedding invitations can be be very helpful if you would like to send an unique invitation.
They are many different sizes, colors, and textures you can choose from.

With pocket invitations you should first think of the overall "look" you would like. You can get inspiration for hundreds of places such as books, websites or wedding blogs. The idea is to find what you like about certain invitations, and use that as a jumping point for your own wedding invitations.

The cost of wedding pocket invitations can be alarming, so it would make an excellent Do-It- Yourself project. Not to worry if you don't think you have the skill to pull this off... It is very simple to create a professional looking pocket invitations with just your home computer and printer! Start off by searching wedding invitation templates. Once you have found one you like, simply find a pocket that fits that template. Use a layer backer under the printed invitation, this will add some depth to the invitation. You could use a solid layer backer or printed. Once you have the invitation and layer backer attached simply attach the pocket using glue dots.

How to keep the pocket closed... That is the fun part! You could add a ribbon and tie it in a bow, paper belly bands are also very popular, or use a label with your names or monogram printed on it. You don't have to stop there, if your wedding is in the fall you might want to consider putting a leaf under the ribbon or belly band. If you are using ribbon there are many adorable charms you could hang on your ribbon.

Read our blog on layered invitations to see the paper sizes needed so everything fits perfectly!

The most important thing to remember is just to have fun! Give yourself enough time so that it is not stressful. Invite your bridesmaids to help... have a invitation party!

Visit our website for wedding invitation templates, layer backers and blank invitation pockets.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"How To" add a layer to your wedding invitation template

It is super simple to add a bit of flare to your wedding invitations.  I doesn't take any special skills, plus it is quick and easy!  This video is the second in our series on how to use our wedding invitation templates. Here at Ivy Belle Weddings we offer many different color and texture paper options to use as your layer backers.

Layer invitation backers are made out of a heavier paper weight than the invitation itself.  Invitation backers usually can't be printed with a home printer. Standard invitation weight paper is usually 32lb and backers for layered invitations are at least 80lb paper.   We have designed all of our wedding templates so they will work perfectly with  our layered paper, if you decide to cut your own or check out the local the hobby store the size you will need is 5.25 x 7.25 and it will fit into an outer #7 Envelope ( 5.5 x 7.5)

Just to review the sizes: 
- Wedding invitation template is 5 x 7
- Layered Backer is 5.25 x 7.25
- Envelope Size is 5.5 x 7.5

This is important so that everything fits correctly :)  And there is nothing worse then getting your beautiful wedding invitations completed... and not being able to find an envelope to fit!  Visit our website for more how to videos and instructions on creating the perfect wedding invitations.

Below is a video we created to show you how simple it is to create a layered wedding invitations

Still have a couple of questions??  Send us a note

"How To" Video on making the perfect wedding invitations on a budget

Creating your own wedding invitations is really pretty easy.  There are many places on the web that you can get wedding invitation templates.  Ivy Belle Weddings has created a wonderful way for you to personalize your wedding stationery without having to purchase software, and that is always a good thing!  All of our wedding templates are only $5.00 and you can print as many as you need for your event.  Matching RSVP, table numbers and wedding programs templates are also available.  Each invitation collection is professionally designed giving you the most modern look at the lowest cost.

Here is our first video of the series on how to trim our wedding invitation templates.  Anyone can complete this project!   If you have any questions, either send us an email or post a comment. :)  Visit our website to see all our easy to use wedding stationery templates.